Adding tags to the survey


Add tags to the survey to highlight or add more information.   Add tags to the survey before uploading.  Create a tag only (without survey captured images).


Who can use this feature? 

  Super Admin Site Manager Team Admin Surveyor Collaborator Viewer
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Adding tags to the captured survey (before upload)

After finishing the survey, you will be taken to the plan list (import screen).


Tap the [tag tag.png] icon right to the survey name, and proceed with the tagging.


Creating only tag (without survey)


Home                             Floorlist                                 Task selector

home_screen.png     Untitled.png      task.png

1. Select the site from the home screen.  (See Home UI for detail)

2. Select the floor from your plan list.

3. Select the [Tag] from the task selector.  Proceed the following.


Selecting the place to tag


  1. Select a spot on the plan to locate a tag.
  2. Tap the [checkmark] icon to confirm the location.
  3. Tap [✖️ ] icon to cancel/ remove the tag.


After locating the tag on the plan, add detail with contents.

1. Select tag icon type and color.

2. Enter the title of a tag. The title is a required field to fill.

3. Upload media from three methods below:

  • By recording a video on site

  • By capturing a photo on site

  • By importing a photo or video from gallery

4. Select a folder, if needed.

5. Fill in the description and tap [Save].

6. Attach the file. Different from media, attach any files such as documents.

7. Tap on the [Save] button to save the tag.


Note: Files added to the tag may not exceed 50MB. 

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