Navigating the floor plan tool in the 3D Editor


In the floor plan, move between points, and edit the points.


Who can use this feature? 

  Super Admin Site Manager Team Admin Surveyor Collaborator Viewer
3D Editor :check_mark: :check_mark: :check_mark: :check_mark: :minus: :minus:


Editing the points using the plan tool


  1. Click the [Point edit]  button, left one of the floor plan tools.
  2. Select a point and move the location.

  3. Drag an area to select multiple points, and move them together.

  4. To delete a point, right-click on the point and select [Delete].

Moving the plan view with plan tool


  1. Click the [Hand] button, right one of the plan tools.
  2. Click on the plan and move the viewpoint of the plan.
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