Labeling and organizing teams is available as part of the Beamo Plan(s) Enterprise.
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Who can use this feature? 

 Surveyor  Collaborator Viewer
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1.  Team Admins manage labels for their own teams.

Applying Labels


  1. From Home, navigate to the settings page. 
  2. Click [Teams] under User Management. The full list of all the teams is displayed in your Space. 
  3. Hover and click on the team to enter the Team Profile.
  4. Go to the [Labels] tab.
  5. Click on one of the label categories to show the labels.
  6. Click the [+] button to add a new label.
  7. Apply labels and click [Save].

Creating a new label group


  1. Access the [Label] tab in the team profile.
  2. Click the [Add Group] button.
  3. Name the group.
  4. Add new labels to the group.
  5. Apply the labels and Save.

Note: Labels and label categories created are available across all teams in the space.

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