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1. What is Beamo?
Beamo is an enterprise-grade digital twin solution for mission-critical facilities and sites. The Beamo app is a survey app that allows users to take a 360° photo of any space and create a digital twin in minutes, with no technical knowledge required. the Beamo portal allows users to collaborate with stakeholders on the digital twin with a sense of realism as if you were on site.
2. How can I download Beamo?
You can find us on the App store under "". To access the web portal, no download is required. You will need to create your account to log in.
3. How can I create my account?
You'll receive an invitation email with an account creation link when your admin invite you to the Beamo. Simply click the link and create your account.
4. How can I conduct the site survey? Do I need special skill or equipment for it?
Anyone can easily start a site survey with iPhone with a Beamo app downloaded, a 360-degree camera, and a tripod (included in the Beamo starter kit).
5. Can I share a certain part of my digital twin with external users?
You can share your digital twin with external users by selecting only the necessary information while securing your site's confidential information.

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