1. Preparing the requirements

You need the following items to perform the site survey.


Prepared by Customer

Beamo App (Available in the Apple App Store as Beamo)

Smartphone (*We recommend the iPhone SE 2 or later)

360 camera ( Ricoh Theta Z1, Ricoh Theta V, Ricoh Theta SC2)



Beamo Starter Kit (will be delivered to you) 


Smart Holder*  (Smartphone/Battery Holder + Tripod Clamp)

360 Mount* for 360 camera 

Note: Do you need the PDF version?  Download here. 


Good to have

  • Extra battery 
  • Smart Holder* for extra battery
  • Remote*
  • Cable for extra battery 
  • Prepare the plan to plan your shooting procedure 

Note: *marked items are included in the Beamo Starter Kit.


2. Checking battery, storage & OS

  1. Make sure the 360 camera and the smartphone are fully charged. Take an extra battery if you are planning to capture for a long time(over 2 hours).

  2. Both the 360 camera and the smartphone need to have enough memory. (For example, 3GB is required for 1,000m2.)

3. Downloading the Beamo App

  1. Open the App Store and search for Beamo.

  2. Tap the [Get] button.

  3. Go back to the home screen.
    Find the Beamo App on the home screen.

  4. Tap the Beamo App.

4. Connecting  360 camera to the smartphone 

We recommend connecting the 360 camera to the smartphone via WI-Fi if using the device for the first time.  


1. Press the top button on the side of the 360 camera. Make sure the Wi-Fi is on. 

2. Go to smartphone settings and turn on the Wi-Fi of the smartphone.

3. Select the network named “THETAYJ000000000.OSC”. The 0’s at the end is a combination of numbers and letters, unique to each 360 camera.

4. This series of numbers after the letter serves as the Wi-Fi password. 


Tip: Visit here to learn more about connecting Ricoh Theta to a smartphone. https://support.theta360.com/uk/manual/content/prepare/prepare_06.htm
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