Setting up the Beamo Starter Kit


Setting up the Beamo Starter Kit is easy. 
Follow the steps below after preparing the requirements.

Note: Need the PDF version?  Download it here. 


Setting up the Beamo Starter Kit

1. Unfold all the legs of the Tripod* all the way by lowering them until they locked into the 3rd click.  Simply pull the legs outward and they will automatically open up.   

2. Unlock and extend the bottom and middle sections fully.


3. Insert the 360° camera all the way into the 360 Mount*.

4. Secure the camera by rotating the thumb wheel tightly.


5. Push the 360 Mount* into the quick release head.  It automatically locks.

6. Place the Smart Holder* at chest level and rotate it so that the alignment guide of the Smart Holder* and the mount match.

7. Extend the top section and check for the preset levels on the side (level 1, 2, or 3). Use this value as the tripod height on the Beamo App.

8. Configure the tripod settings from the Beamo App.



9. Mount the smartphone to the Smart Holder*. Make sure all parts of the Tripod* are locked and fastened securely before starting.

Note: *marked items are included in the Beamo Starter Kit.

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