Beamo Portal Ver 2.16.0 - Coming soon!

Image Improvement(βeta version)

We are thrilled to announce the beta release of Beamo, an innovative step forward in enhancing your digital image experience. Our team has worked tirelessly, driven by your invaluable feedback, to bring you a suite of image improvement features designed to meet a wide range of needs. This beta version marks a significant milestone in our journey to deliver a product that not only meets but exceeds your expectations.

  • The AI model for the Beta version makes images sharper and clearer.  
  • Each Space will have a total of 10 attempts available. 
  • User who processed the scene can undo the processing to restore the original image.

Screenshot 2024-04-01 at 7.03.41 PM.png

  • Notification will be sent to all members in the Space whenever image quality improvement processing is finished.

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Beamo Portal Ver 2.15.0 - Feb 21, 2024

We're excited to announce significant enhancements in three critical areas of Beamo’s expertise: security, collaboration, and 3D navigation improvement for large-scale sites.

3D Navigation Experience Enhancement

Setting Beamo apart from competitors, our engine faces no restrictions in image capture size. This update includes significant improvements to our core engine, aiming to process large data sets more efficiently while providing a seamless navigation experience for users.

Collaboration Enhancement

Our focus has been on intuitive use of 3D tours to streamline and enhance collaborative efforts. New features include:

The URL & 2D Image Copy Function for effortless sharing of 3D tours.

Screenshot 2024-04-26 at 5.28.32 PM.png

The Timeline Report Function, enabling users to generate reports through fixed-point observations at specific locations. *Available with Enterprise plan.



Screenshot 2024-04-26 at 5.27.42 PM.png

The Time Comparison (Quad) Function, allowing users to compare different surveys on a single screen divided into four sections.

Screenshot 2024-04-26 at 5.28.14 PM.png

The Advanced Comment Function, designed to facilitate smoother task management and team communication. *Available with Enterprise plan.

Screenshot 2024-04-26 at 5.27.20 PM.png

Security Enhancement

Understanding the paramount importance of safeguarding corporate information, we've taken a proactive stance in addressing potential human errors. Key enhancements include:

The Partial Share Function, allowing users to share only essential parts of a 3D tour, minimizing data exposure.

Screenshot 2024-04-26 at 5.26.51 PM.png

The Watermark Function, which ensures clarity in accountability during information dissemination. *Available with Enterprise plan.

Screenshot 2024-04-26 at 5.26.14 PM.png

Beamo Portal Ver 2.12.0 - Beamo App 2.4.0 May 18th, 2023

Custome Tag Icon 

Customize your space with custom tag icons. Now user can use their own design icon in the Enterprise plan.

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Set camera height by point

Camera height can be defined by a point that enables you to capture complex/restrictive places more easily.  

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Beamo Portal Ver 2.11.0 - Apr 20th, 2023

Outdoor Survey Point Editor & Tag FOV 

We're thrilled to launch the beta version of Beamo's outdoor point editor, which enables users to easily edit their outdoor 3D tours for optimal user experience. 

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Beamo now offers a field of view (FOV) setting feature, allowing users to adjust the visibility of tags in their 3D workspace for a more customizable experience.

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Beamo Portal Ver 2.10.0, Beamo App Ver 2.3.0 - Apr 6th, 2023

Protect your account by setting 2FA and complex passwords from your Beamo Profile.

As digitalization makes our lives more convenient, security is becoming increasingly important. Protect your accounts by setting up two-factor authentication (2FA) and strong passwords.
If your plan is enterprise, the super admin can force all the users to enable 2FA.    

Resetting Complicated PW *Require 1 min
Reset your password through your profile.

Setting 2FA * Require 5 min
Enable the 2FA through the Security setting under your profile and follow the instruction.

Setting 2FA: see more...  Force 2FA to all users *Enterprise plan only: see more...

Beamo Portal Ver 2.9.0 - Dec 6th, 2022

Enhanced Data Management & Augmentation 

Beamo and the concept of Digital Twins have become familiar among users. Thus, DT usage is expanding from capturing and creating Digital Twins (Surveys) to also include active collaboration via Digital Twins. In this release, we enhanced the Data Management and Augmentation with 'Bookmark Announcement' and '2D Plan Panel'.

Beamo App Ver 2.2.0 - Aug 30th, 2022

Import/Upload UIUX Improvement

Our new Beamo App has improved in Import/Upload UIUX while changing it as flexible and independent as much as possible so that users can capture/import/upload as they want.

Beamo Portal Ver 2.8.0 and Beamo App Ver 2.1.9 - Aug 26th, 2022

Beamo provides Single Sign On (SSO) for customers to log in through a single authentication source. It allows organizations to better manage their accounts and users and keep their information more secure. Beamo is using the Security Assertion Markup Language (SAML) 2.0 standard to provide SSO.  This option is available with the Enterprise Plan.

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Beamo Portal Ver 2.7.0 - Jun 24th, 2022

Customization of Spaces

Beamo is introducing Preferences which allows us to customize the look and feel of the space. We're starting out with three options for the 3D Workspace: visualization of contents in tags, point and pin color of the maps and the 360° nadir image. This option is available with the Enterprise Plan.

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Beamo Portal Ver 2.6.0 - May 8th, 2022

Scalability is King

Our new infrastructure provides a scalable platform for enterprise customers that secures worldwide, geographically, stable performance. Major upgrades were made to the content delivery network, web application firewalls, cloud storage, and communication.


Beamo App Ver 2.1.1 - Mar 10th, 2022

New 360 camera mode settings for dark place capture

We Added 360 camera mode settings feature for better capture capability. Now you can capture the dark place with Beamo App.  More 360 camera mode settings will follow up soon!
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Beamo Portal Ver 2.5.0 - Feb 24th, 2022

Beamo License Plan

Beamo has the right offer for everyone’s taste.
We’re introducing three new plans Essential, Pro and Enterprise, which cater perfectly to your needs.
Essential is designed for simply capturing, viewing and archiving your digital twins.

Pro is designed for Mid-sized companies with one operational digital twin team. Each user gets assigned a role (Super Admin, Site Manager, Surveyor, Collaborator, Viewer) with a different set of capabilities.
Enterprise is the ultimate digital twin experience. It is designed for large organizations with cross-departmental teams. Ensure that your digital twins are secured and only shared with the right people.

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Beamo Portal Ver 2.4.0 - Jan 18th, 2022

Content-rich Tags

Ever wanted to add real-time data to your digital twin? Beamo now supports embedding content from other sources online, to display graphs, videos and other hosted on a different server. In addition, this content can be announced next to the tagged object in the 3D Workspace.

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Team Admin role update

The team admin can now create and update plans on your site.

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Beamo App Ver 2.1.0 - Dec 8th, 2021

Outdoor Mode (Beta)

Beamo now supports capturing outdoor environments based on GPS location information. The surveys are set up in the Beamo Portal and are mapped using the information of Google Maps.

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Beamo Portal Ver 2.3.0 - Dec 7th, 2021

Outdoor Mode (Beta)

Beamo now supports capturing outdoor environments based on GPS location information. The surveys are mapped using the information of Google Maps.

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Tags on Mini-map

It's easier to find a Tag in your workspace by simply locating it on the Mini-Map and directly navigating to the selected Tag.

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Beamo App Ver 2.0.7 - Nov 8th, 2021

Capture from the initial points

Beamo App is now capturing from the 360 images on the 1st and 2nd points of initial calibration.  You do not need to adjust the survey starting points.

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Beamo Portal Ver 2.2.5 - Sep 8th, 2021

New Site Creation workflow

It’s easier and simpler to create and manage the site for the Super Admin and Site Manager. Duplicate, remove, edit the floor without leaving the Site Profile.  learn more...

New Site Profile 

Site Profile serves as the Beamo Hub. Check all the survey data here.  With timeline view, easily check when surveys are created, and with plan view, check the survey data more intuitively. Manually create, duplicate, remove the surveys without leaving the Site Profile.  Moreover, access the 3D Workspace, 3D Editor with one click.   learn more...

Terminology change

We've seen that our users were taking Beamo to new and unexpected places. To better reflect the diversity of use cases, we decided to change the term "Floor plan" to "Plan".

Beamo App Ver 2.0.6 - Aug 25th, 2021

App name has been changed to Beamo in the AppStore

Simply search Beamo App by typing Beamo in the App Store.  (Old name:

Beamo Portal Ver 2.2.4 - Aug 17th, 2021

Restoring the floor

The Super Admin & Site Manager are able to restore the deleted floor.

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Beamo Portal Ver 2.2.3 - July 26th, 2021

1. Copy & Paste feature in 3D Editor

Easily copy and paste the capture points from one survey to another in 3D Editor.  

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2. New Term 

Introducing the new terms for 3D Editor (old Survey Editor), Guided Path (Tracking Tour).

Beamo Portal Ver 2.2.2 - July 7th, 2021

No need to go around to access the Editor anymore. 

Just one click to access the Editor while navigating 3D Workspace!

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Beamo App Ver 2.0.5 - July 5th, 2021

1. Improved UI for Tripod Height Setting

Easily input the tripod height with improved UI.

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2. Korean Localization
Beamo App is available in Korean (Hangul).
Simply change the iOS language setting to Korean.

Beamo App Ver 2.0.2 - May 1st, 2021

New Guide UI for Wi-Fi camera connection

The Beamo App cannot find the RICOH camera if the user's location information is not shared with the Beamo App. We introduced a new guide UI to lead users to change the iPhone settings for the location information.

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Beamo Portal Ver 2.1.0 - April 30th, 2021

1. New Site Profile UI

The Site Profile gives a high-level view of the site. It gives an overview of the site and acts as a hub to help navigate the rest of Beamo.

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2. Data Management

Limit or give more access to external users to the 3D workspace by editing the information for the shared survey. 

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Beamo Portal Ver 2.0.0 & Beamo App Ver 2.0.1 - April 12th, 2021

1. Beamo Rebranding

INSITE is no more...we are now Beamo!

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2. User Management
Beamo utilizes a Role-Based Access Control System to define permission controls, allowing for greater flexibility and security.
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3. Teams
Manage, monitor, and maintain permissions and access levels through the introduction of Teams.
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4. New Roles

Provide greater flexibility in permission controls, we've added new roles including Viewer, Collaborator, Site Manager, Team Admin, and Super Admin. 

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