Sites are the building blocks of Beamo and are required in order for the platform to be used. Every site consists of individual plans where surveys are conducted.


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Creating a new site


  1. From the side panel of the home screen click [+ Create Site].

  2. Input the site name and address to create your new site. 

  3. Click Create to create your site. 

  4. Apply labels and [Save] 


Removing a site


  1. From Home, navigate to the site you want to edit or remove.

  2. Click the kabab menu next to the site name.

  3. Select Edit to make changes to the name, image, address, or label.

  4. Select Delete to remove the site from the site list. 

  5. Confirm the action.

    Note: Deleted sites will be temporarily stored in the recovery section for 30 days. 

  6. Go to Recovery > Sites to restore or permanently delete the site. 
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