The look and feel of the space can be customized using Preferences in the Space Management settings. The component available to be customized is currently 3D Workspace.

Who can use this feature?

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Preferences for 3D Workspace

The below listed options for the 3D Workspace can be customized by selecting the option. Resetting the option to default applies the Beamo default styling.



This option changes the style of how content is displayed in the 3D Workspace, if the option Show this content in 3D Workspace is enabled.

  • Pin to tag (default) - displays the content right next to the tag
  • Pin to side - displays the content on the right side of the window

Note: Changes can be previewed on the right side

Mini-map and Home map

Point, pin and point radar color

These options change the styling of the point color of the Mini-map, pin color of the Home map and the point radar color of the Mini-map. This styling applies for indoor and outdoor maps.

  • Default - Beamo default styling is applied
  • Custom - Pick with the color selector or directly input the hex value

Note: Changes can be previewed on the right side

Google map style

This option applies a custom google map styling to the Mini-map, in case of outdoor plans, and the Home map.

  • Standard Google map (default) - The default Google map styling is applied
  • Custom - Paste and save the JSON code to customize the presentation of the standard Google map with style options. See style reference for maps static API for more information on how to create the JSON code.

Note: Changes can be previewed on the right side

360° nadir image

This option changes the 360° nadir image used in the 3D Workspace.

  • Default - Beamo's default 360° nadir image is used
  • Custom - Upload a PNG image with a max. file size of 5 MB

Note: Uploaded image can be previewed on the right side

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