Navigating the side panel of the Beamo App


Switching the Spaces, access the data back, and log out from the side panel.


Who can use this feature? 

  Super Admin Site Manager Team Admin Surveyor Collaborator Viewer
Beamo App  :check_mark: :check_mark: :check_mark: :check_mark: :minus: :minus:


Side panel for Beamo app 



1. Space selector 

Switch between spaces without logging out of the app.    *This feature applies to users with multiple spaces.

2. Back-Up Data

Review or re-upload the survey. *Data will be stored for 7 days from the date of the upload.

3. Metrics

Switch units between metric and inches indicated in capture mode.


4. Tutorial

View the animated tutorial for assistance in setting up the hardware.

5. Help Center

Access the Help Center to view self-support materials, request assistance, and report bugs.


6. Privacy Policy

Check the privacy policy by mousing over and clicking the words privacy policy. 

7. Version History

Check the version history of the Beamo App.

Log out 

8. Log out

Log out from the Beamo App.

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