Using notifications

Using notifications is available as part of the Beamo Plan(s) Enterprise.
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The notifications feature updates the user with a new role and team that are added within space.  Also, the user is notified when mentioned in the survey.  Clicking on a thread takes you to the location where it was mentioned.

Who can use this feature? 

  Super Admin Site Manager Team Admin¹ Surveyor Collab-
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Checking the notification


  1. Click [Notification __.png] icon in the header of the Home screen to check notifications.  

  2. Click Untitled.png next to the notification to mark as read. Re-click it to mark it as unread.

  3. Click the notification to check it in the 3D workspace. It’ll open the tag or track or a comment in a new tab where you’re mentioned.

  4. Click ✖️ to remove the notification.

  5. Click [Notification __.png] icon to close notifications.

Note: Users will receive the following notifications:

  • Users are added to the new team.

  • Users' role has been changed.
  • User was mentioned in a tag and comment.
    Note: You can enter @[user name] and @[user email address] to mention a specific user.

  • Mentioned users and the original commenter will receive a notification when a comment is  “Resolved”.

  • Mentioned users in the thread and the original commenter will receive a notification when there is a new comment posted in the thread.

  • License notifications for Super Admins when crossing 75 / 90 / 100 % of used points or users
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