Viewing a Guided Path

Viewing a Guided Path is available as part of the Beamo Plan(s) Pro, Enterprise.
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Unlike a screen recording video, when viewing the Guided Path, the user is able to navigate/view the spaces freely.


Who can use this feature? 

  Super Admin¹ Site Manager² Team Admin³ Surveyor Collaborator Viewer
View Guided Path :check_mark: :check_mark: :check_mark: :check_mark: :check_mark: :check_mark:


Viewing the Guided Path


1. Click  Screen_Shot_2021-07-22_at_3.38.01_PM.png  to open the playlist. 

2. Click [Playplay.png] on the list, and the following screen is displayed.


3. Click the [Play] button on the center of the screen or bottom of the screen to start the track.

4. At any time, move the screen or go to a different location and the tracking tour will pause. Simply press the [play] button to play again to resume.

5. Finish the track by clicking [exit].


Note: Functions in the side panel are disabled when in tracking tour mode in order to prevent conflicting actions.


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