Getting started with Meet

Getting started with Meet is available as part of the Beamo Plan(s) Enterprise.
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A Host connects with anyone via a video call within the 3D Workspace.

Note: Meet is currently only available for 1:1 sessions. Multiple users will be supported in the future.


Who can use this feature? 

  Super Admin Site Manager Team Admin Surveyor Collaborator Viewer
Host session :check_mark: :check_mark: :check_mark: :check_mark: :check_mark: :minus:


  Host Guest
Display option control :check_mark: :minus:
Present screen :check_mark: :check_mark:
Video options :check_mark: :check_mark:
Audio options :check_mark: :check_mark:
Name Configuration :check_mark: :check_mark:


Note: Meet is started by a logged-in user. The user is the Host. The person who joins the session is the Guest. If there are two logged-in users, the first user to join is the Host.


Display Toggle Options 

  • Mini-map
  • Tags
  • Measurements

Note: Display options are read-only. Users are unable to create or save new content within the Meet session. 


Starting a session



  1. From the 3D Workspace, click the [Video] icon. This creates a session with a unique URL.

  2. Configure the video and audio settings. Check the name and click [Join].

  3. Configure the display options by clicking the [Options] button in the footer.

  4. Copy and paste the Shorten URL (bottom left corner) or the URL directly from the browser and share it with the guest. 

Note: The host is present in the session before a guest joins. 


Join a session

  1. Join a session with the URL shared by the host. 

  2. Enable the browser's mic and camera access. 

  3. Configure the mic and camera settings.

  4. Create a display name.

  5. Click [Join].

Note: If there is already a guest in the session,  a "Room is full" message is displayed. 


Leaving a session

  1. Leave a session by clicking the [End] button on the bottom right or by closing the browser tab. 

Note: Leaving with the [End] button ends the session for everyone.


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