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Every user belongs to one of the three User types in Beamo. 




Super Admins have the highest level of access to the Beamo Space. They manage the space on all levels and have full access to all information. They do not belong to any team, but rather are a part of all teams. 


Site Managers also do not belong to any team but have permission to manage site access control for all of the teams. Their main responsibility is to manage the site's profile, content, and, most importantly, access to the sites.


Team Users exist within a specific team that is explicitly assigned to them. They exist in multiple teams and their roles may vary depending on the team. There are 4 different roles under a team. 

     Team Admins are the highest type of user within a single team. They manage the profile and users      of their team.

     Surveyors are responsible for capturing new sites. They have access to both the web and the               mobile app. Their main responsibilities are to capture and manage site surveys. 

      Collaborators only have access to the web and are the main users of the 3D Workspace. They 

      can  view, edit, and delete information such as Tags, Measurements, and Guided Paths.

      Viewers are users that have view-only access. They are often guests to the team.

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