Making a line Measurement

Making a line Measurement is available as part of the Beamo Plan(s) Pro, Enterprise.
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The 3D Workspace is measured by creating vertical and horizontal lines. Measurements can be created with a polyline, as well as a single line.

Note: To switch the measuring units, go to the user profile settings.

Who can use this feature? 

  Super Admin Site Manager Team Admin Surveyor Collaborator Viewer
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Line Measurement

Note: Functions in the side panel are disabled when in the Measure tool is active in order to prevent conflicting actions.


  1. Click [Measurement measure.png] on the sidebar to activate the Measure tool, and the toolbar will appear next to it.

  2. Click on a point to start measuring. By default, measurements are made in reference to the floor.

  3. Click the next point of measurement. A dotted line that follows the pointer will extend from the first point. The line changes into a blue vertical line on the vertical axis. Also when turning to measure horizontally in mid-air or above the ground, a vertical dotted line will appear for reference.

  4. Continue the measurement by creating a polyline, or click [check button] to finish creating the lines. * End the Polyline measurement by snapping the last point onto the first point.

  5. The total length of your polyline measurement will display in the distance display on top of the main screen.

  6. Click the [Save] button on the left-bottom of the screen.

  7. To edit the created line object, click the [Hand] button to select the object. Click on a vertex and drag it to the desired position.


8. To delete a line object, click the [Hand] button, select the object, and then click the [Trash bin] at the bottom-center of the screen. To delete all lines and objects at once, click the [Broom] button.



  • Adjust the viewing angle so that the measurements are at the center of the main screen.

  • When drawing a vertical line, hold [shift key] and it will fix the vertical axis and make it easier to draw a line.

  • For an accurate measurement, start creating lines from the floor. You can start your measurements from the ceiling by setting the ceiling height. Refer to ”Change the ceiling height“ in the Survey Editor.


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