Viewing Tags in the 3D Workspace

Viewing Tags in the 3D Workspace is available as part of the Beamo Plan(s) Pro, Enterprise.
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More information is communicated within the team by viewing Tags (images, videos, or documents) that are added to the digital twin.

Who can use this feature? 

  Super Admin1 Site Manager2 Team Admin3 Surveyor4 Collab-
View Tag check_mark_32.png check_mark_32.png check_mark_32.png check_mark_32.png check_mark_32.png check_mark_32.png

Note: 1, 2. Data added by the Super Admin and Site Manager within the 3D workspace is shared/visible to all teams unless a specific team is specified. 

3, 4, 5, 6. Permissions are limited within the scope of their team. 

Viewing Tags on the main screen of the 3D Workspace

  1. Click the [Tag] icon directly on the main screen.
  2. Check the details on the Tag view. 

viewing tag.png

Viewing Tags by selecting a Tag from the Tag list

  1. Click the [Tag] button on the sidebar to activate the Tag list. The list of all the Tags in the survey will be displayed.

  2. Click [download] to download attachments from the Tag view.

  3. Click the [Tag focus Screenshot 2023-07-28 at 9.38.40 PM.png] to see where the Tag is located on the 3D Workspace.

Note: When the Tag has a cover image or video, clicking on the Tag’s thumbnail on the Tag list will  display the viewer for the media.

Viewing tags by selecting from the Mini-Map


 1. Click the [Tag] icon on the Mini-Map.


2. Check the details on the Tag preview.

Bookmark Announcement

You can flexibly and conveniently experience tags browsing within the 3D Workspace.   

  • Bookmark Announcement
    • Click [Bookmark Announcement] icon on the tag or folder in the tag lists.
    • Click [Bookmark Announcement] icon on the tag preview window in the 3D workspace.

  • Cancel the bookmark Announcement
    • Uncheck [Bookmark Announcement] icon of bookmarked tags to cancel the bookmark.
    • Refresh your web browser to cancel the bookmark. 

Note: You can bookmark multiple tags at a time.  Bookmarking the tag folder would bookmark all the tags in the folder. 

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