Adjusting capture settings

Adjusting capture settings is available as part of the Beamo Plan(s) Essential, Pro, Enterprise.
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Before a capture, set the capture settings.  Simply follow the guide to adjust the capture settings.

Who can use this feature? 

  Super Admin Site Manager Team Admin Surveyor Collaborator Viewer
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1. Setting the Tripod Height

  1. Select [Preset] or [Custom] to input the tripod height.

  2. Input the tripod height.

    For preset mode, input the value from the preset level (1, 2, or 3) on the side of the Tripod* (included in the Beamo Starter Kit).  

    Note: The value will be reflected on the Beamo Portal side as well.


    Beamo App

    Beamo Portal


    Level 3

    1.91 m


    Level 2

    2.04 m


    Level 1

    2.17 m

    For custom mode, input the exact value from the floor to the 360° camera lens.

  3. Tap [ Next ] to continue on to the next step.

Note: Tripod Height = Height of the 360° camera lens from the floor.

2. Connecting 360° camera with a smartphone by Wi-Fi

  1. Turn on the 360° camera (top button) and Wi-Fi (second top button) ON.

  2. Go to the Wi-Fi setting of the smartphone, and connect the smartphone with a 360° camera.
    Ricoh Theta network name: “THETAYJ00000000.OS”.
    Password: last 8 digits of the alphanumeric network name.

  3. Tap [Done] to continue to the next step. 

Note: The Beamo App needs to access your location, in order to find the Ricoh Theta.  Please follow the guide to allow Beamo App access to your location.

Allowing Location Access to Beamo App

location_permission.jpg  location_new_2.jpg location_new.jpg

  1. Tap [Go to settings].
  2. Tap [Location].
  3. Allow Location Access and enable Precise Location
  4. Return to the Beamo App.

3. Aligning the 360° camera and smartphone


The top half is the 360° camera view and the bottom half is the smartphone camera view.

  1. Adjust the orientation of the smartphone to align the two camera views. 

  2. Tap [OK] to finish the alignment.  Follow the steps in the calibration screen.

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