To conduct a survey, calibration is required.  The accurate calibration creates more precise survey results.


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Calibrating the floor plan


1. Tap ✖️ to close the guide.


2. Pinch in/out the floor plan and find your current position and tap. The location input pin will appear.
3. Adjust the pin by tap & drag to your current position and [Next] to continue the calibration.


4. Move to the next position. The message disappears after moving 3m, it enable for you to tap on the plan.


5. Tap on the plan to input your current position and the location input pin will appear. (1st calibration point is displayed as a 1st-white pin.)

6. Tap and drag the location input pin to your current position and tap [Done].


7. When calibration has successfully completed, you will see the Capture Screen above. The blue beam point indicates your current position. Proceed capture.


Note: Tip for accurate calibration

For best practice, select two points from corner to corner within the captured area. By doing so, the alignment between tracked positions and the floor plan will show high accuracy.

  • If the area is too large, try to set the calibration distance as far as you can, preferably towards the midpoint of the edge at least.

  • If any misalignment or scale error should happen, it can be adjusted in the web editor after uploading the survey

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