Recalibrating current position

Recalibrating current position is available as part of the Beamo Plan(s) Essential, Pro, Enterprise.
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When tracking is not correct or after moving the point, recalibrate the current position.

Who can use this feature? 

  Super Admin Site Manager Team Admin Surveyor Collaborator Viewer
Mobile App :check_mark: :check_mark: :check_mark: :check_mark: :minus: :minus:

In capture mode

Tap [Recalibration] on the top-right of the screen.


In edit mode

Tap [ ← ] after moving point in the edit mode.


1. Tap [Reposition] in the confirmation message.


2. Close the guide by tapping [✖️]. Find the current position by pinching in/out on the plan and tap on it. The location input pin will appear.

3. Tap and drag the pin to the current position, and tap [OK].
4. Guide message box and distance status bar will be shown.
5. Move to a new position. The blue dot indicator will move to the green zone of the bar as you gain more distance. When you reach 3M from the previous point, this message box will close and enable you to tap on the plan.
6. Tap on the floor plan, then tap and drag the pin to the current position. Tap [OK].
 7. The current position is indicated with a blue beam.  Continue the survey.
Caution: Be sure to recalibrate only when necessary, or points might be distorted and lose synchronization with previous points. 
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