Clearing cache and cookies (Login troubleshooting for Beamo Portal)

Issue symptom

I still can not log in to Beamo after inputting the correct account information.  The issue sometimes happens after a new release of Beamo Portal.

Resolution steps 

When you experience the log-in issue, one of the most common troubleshooting suggestions is to clear your cache and cookies. Clearing out your cache and cookies is not only a key troubleshooting step but, in many cases, it will solve the problem altogether.

Why do I need to clear the cache and cookies? 

Browsers use cookies (files containing user data) placed in your computer’s cache (temporary data storage space) to store website information on your computer, so web pages and components can load quickly. 

Beamo's dev team is constantly fixing, improving, and adding features. Because of this constant progress, your cache and cookies can become outdated quickly, which may cause issues and unwanted behavior when your browser tries to use older versions.

How can I clear the cache and cookie?

Beamo requires Chrome version 90 or above.  Please follow the guide below to clear cache and cookies using a Chrome browser.

Clear cache & cookies in Chrome



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