Understanding User Statuses: Pending, Verified and Expired

A user is one of three statuses: Pending, Verified, and Expired.


Pending Status

When a user is invited to a new space, they are marked as "Pending." This means that an invite was sent but they have not accepted the invite yet. A user invitation link is valid for 30 days. 

Note: An Admin chooses the change of the role of the pending user, resend the invite email, or revoke the invite by removing them from the user list. 

Verified Status

When a user accepts an invite to a new space, they are verified as a new user and marked as "Verified." A Verified user then logs in and uses Beamo as defined by their role. 

Note: An Admin changes the user's role or revoke their access by removing them from the user list.

Expired Status

If a user fails to accept the invite within 30 days, the invite link expires. This marks the user as "Expired." An expired user remains in the user list until the admin chooses to manually remove them from the user list. 

Note: An Admin chooses to resend the invite email, which turns them back into a "Pending" user, or remove them from the user list completely.


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